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         We believe in long-term relationships with our clients.  During an eight year period we helped a semiconductor firm grow from $300 million to over $5Billion in sales.  During this period we fulfilled assignments ranging from VP's of  Sales and Marketing to Directors of key engineering projects as well as many senior managers and top level staff in critical staffing areas.  We also supported their sales operations throughout the U.S.

         Another of our clients is a Global power in the electronics industry.  A few years ago the company made a strategic decision to change their microelectronics operations from a captive supplier to a merchant supplier.  We were successful in fulfilling their requirements in the US and in Asia for Vice Presidents of their Sales and Marketing operations.  We also enabled the firm to set up a regional sales presence in the Bay Area by staffing the management and sales talent necessary to support the Silicon Valley customer base.

         Thomas Beck Inc. provides Sales & Marketing, Engineering and R&D, Manufacturing Management, and General Management/Executives for the microelectronics industry.

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